WhatsApp 101: Get a phone number

June 17, 2024

Why getting a phone number?

Obtaining a phone number for WhatsApp Business is essential because it allows you to establish a dedicated, professional communication channel with your customers.

When setting-up WhatsApp business you have two options:

  1. You can either use a phone number that you already own
  2. or you can purchase a new phone number dedicated for your WhatsApp business account.

How to get a new number?

If you would like to purchase a new number for your WhatsApp business account, the easiest way to do it, is to purchase an e-sim. But first, you need to check that your phone is compatible with e-sims.

Here's a list from e-sims.io with all the phone that are e-sim compatible: https://esims.io/en/blog/what-devices-support-esim.

Get an e-sim in France

Getting an e-sim depends from one country to the other. Each country has its own set of carriers. In France, a cheap way to get an e-sim is from Free Mobile.

Step 1 - Purchase the e-sim

Go to https://mobile.free.fr/fiche-forfait-2-euros and click on "subscribe".

Select only the phone number not the device.

Enter your details and purchase the e-sim. Make sure to select the e-sim option at checkout.

Step 2 - Set-up your e-sim on your phone

You should now have received your free account credentials via email. Login with your credentials to activate your e-sim. You can login directly here: https://mobile.free.fr/account/v2/login.

Once logged in, you can scan the QR code in your account. You can then follow all the steps on your phone to set-up your e-sim.

Make sure to insert the default e-sim pin code, which is "1234" for free mobile.

If you need any other information, make sure to visit the dedicated page from free here: https://assistance.free.fr/articles/telecharger-et-activer-mon-esim-968.